Custom Filter Manufacturing

Katch Filters LLC is a manufacturer of quality filter cartridges and panels. Our company culture establishes a strong sense of pride in the filters we make.

Each filter is designed in house by our team of experienced filtration engineers led by an established veteran of industrial filter manufacturing. We continually solve problems for new and current customers while providing excellent customer service and best in the industry lead times. Material management and assembly staff education is key to the quality of each filter being made in the allotted time for the build. Call us today and let us help solve your problems with your filtration needs.

Cylindrical and Cone Filters

Dust collector cartridges and engine and turbine intake filters make up a large portion of our manufactured OPEN BOTH ENDS CONEproducts. Large sizes, small sizes and high efficiency to low efficiency type medias, we have thousands of parts in stock to assemble your filters to your specifications.

Panel Filters

Panel Style Mist EliminatorsMist elimination, spark arrestors, and particulate filters are excellent uses for flat panel filters. We make a variety of pleated or flat woven metal fabric panel filters for these uses. They can also be used for high temperature ventilation systems or as a heavy duty washable filter.