The following areas of filtration are the core manufacturing capabilities for Katch Filters. The expertise we have, and the machines we operate, along with our industry experience caters to these areas. The pleated type elements we manufacture seek to attain high air to cloth ratios with high removal efficiencies.

Dust Collector Replacement Cartridges

American Air 1658301-001 Replacement Filter, 13.84 OD X 28.0 Height, OOOne of Katch Filters specialties is dust collection. We manufacture cartridge filters for the dust collection industry in many different sizes. The cylindrical filter is the primary design we use to make dust collector cartridges which allows us to include a large amount of filter media in each cartridge for maximum filter life.

Common uses for our dust collection cartridges are as follows:

  • Base material crushing for cement plants
  • Abrasives such as Green Sand (name use for id purposes only), Black Beauty (name use for id purposes only), steel grit
  • Carbon black
  • Chemical vapors
  • Wood fines
  • Metal fines
  • Plastics

Gas Turbine and Reciprocating Engine Air Intakes

Gas turbines used for power generation require filtered air to operate when in use on the ground. A variety of 5 STAR FILTER AIR FILTER HOUSINGSfilter designs are in use in the industry now. Katch Filters manufactures cylindrical and cone style filters used in a variety of air inlet housings made by many different manufacturers. We have many different types of filter medias that can be used for this application. The most popular filter we provide is a MERV 16 all synthetic filter media which utilizes a nanofiber layer. It resists moisture and has excellent flow characteristics.

Powder Coating Cartridges

Spunbond Media - 105 plts - Powder Coat Cartridge, 26.0 HeightPowder coat cartridges for high volume use are made in a cylindrical filter style. We produce these heavy duty filters in a variety of heights from 11 inches to 52”. We build these cartridge filters with different media amounts for different price points that different powder booth manufacturers request, from low square footage to very high. Powder coating cartridges typically use a band system on the outside of the filters to ensure the pulsing system does not degrade the filter during normal use over the life of the filter.

Mist Elimination, Water, Oil and Others

SS Mesh Premium All SS - Washable FiltersMist eliminators are primarily built in panel format, however we have certainly built many designs in cylinders. The majority of the cylinder mist eliminators we build are for OEM customers which include them in their machines.

Compressor Air Filters

We manufacture a variety of replacement air compressor air filters for many different known brands. Katch 18-2960 and 19-1112 858Filters primarily manufactures large filter cartridges and panels for compressor air intakes. OEM companies are invited to contact us for manufacturing their filters.