-The 80/20 Standard Cartridge

There is one filter that is ordered more than any other in the dust collector cartridge industry. It is the 26″ tall, 12.75″ outside diameter by 8.38″ inside diameter size made with 80% cellulose and 20% synthetic blended media. It can be found in more dust collection cabinets and blasting booths than any other filter. It is very common because it is a great filter with abrasion resistance and high dust holding capacity at a great price. Let us know if you need a quote for your needed quantity for your dust collector or blast booth!

One thought on “-The 80/20 Standard Cartridge

  1. W e need a special size:
    80/20 estándar Cartridge filter (dust collector)
    48″ x 12.75 ( 16) pcs

    Another FINAL filter (panel filter)rectangular

    23.5″ x 35.5″x 8.25″ panel filter

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